Counting and using money

Teaching learners at Entry Level I have found that many of them have difficulties using coins to pay for their snacks or checking their change.

This resource includes a collection of worksheets that start with several number sequences counting in twos, then move on to count the total value of different number of 2p coins and finish asking the learner to count the number of 2p coins that they need to make up different amounts. The sequence of worksheets is repeated counting in 5s and using 5p coins, then counting in 10s and using 10p coins.

The pack is closed with a worksheet showing different combinations of coins for the learner to work out their total value and a final one showing different combinations of coins and asking the learner to choose the coins they need to make certain amounts.

At present, the pack does not include sequences counting in 20s or 50s, although the 20p and 50p coins are used in the last 2 worksheets.

Editor’s note
With teaching tips for developing mathematical process skills. Fully mapped to the Entry Level Functional Maths criteria.

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