Fatal Affraction

This is a set of worksheets in a MS Excel workbook that deals with fractions.
- Sheet one: a set of pictures (pie charts) that shows fractions from halves to tenths
- Sheet two: equivalent fractions with two pie charts, learners can input fractions and see if they are equivalent by looking at the shape of the pie charts
- Sheet three: starting to look at fractions being equivalent to decimals with two pie charts one for fractions and one for decimals
- Sheet four: a ‘playground’ for learners to input various fractions, decimals and percentages to see if they are equivalent
- Sheet five: a harder sheet which allocates each letter of the alphabet a fraction in 1/24 increments with all of the fractions expressed as their lowest fraction and a coded message to solve. Then there is another coded message to solve, this time with equivalent fractions. Then the learner has to write a coded message to the teacher using equivalent fractions. To help, there is an equivalent fraction checker that checks the letter of the alphabet.

All the sheets are protected, and the password is ‘password’ (without the quotation marks).

The last sheet was inspired by a TES article on maths teaching: https://www.tes.com/news/blog/use-alphabet-codes-help-understand-equiva…

I’m not a specialist maths teacher, so if anyone has an feedback on this then please let me know!

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MS Excel - 6 sheets