Odd even picture reveal activity

This is an Excel file with a basic odd/even activity. I took inspiration from Jean Thomas’ “Reveal the hidden shapes!” activity from 2005.

With this activity, the tutor can design a picture (or one learner can design a picture for another learner) and it produces a printable sheet. The learner then shades all the odd numbers on the sheet in one colour, and all the even numbers in a different colour – revealing a picture or a message.

There are no macros, so cross-compatibility with Excel shouldn’t be a problem.

Editor’s note
This is very clever! (for Jean Thomas’ version see link below under See also).
The default is to use numbers from 1 to 99 but the range of numbers can be changed. So, for example, you could use only numbers from 1 to 20 if you wished.

Physical format
1 Excel file with 3 sheets