Celebrity BMI step by step Instructions and information sheets

This resource has been designed using ideas in the popular Celebrity BMI resource (From Janet Wilkins – see below) already available on Skillsworkshop but adapted to suit the needs of Entry/ Level 1 learners.

I have approached the activity as a practical introduction to measurement, rather than an introduction to formulas. The questions and activities are meant to cover using a calculator, measuring height, weight and reading decimals and I usually use it after working on the four rules and currency. The materials include step by step instructions (which have worked well with Entry level learners in the past) and some newly-devised extension questions, more suitable for Level 1 and Level 2 learners. Extension questions incorporate division in the final question and I intend that students will approach it using the subtraction method or written methods that result in a remainder.

The steps and questions are designed to be worked on in mixed ability pairs. I usually ask one student to read the steps and another to write down the calculations at each stage. I have also made some information sheets; these could be laminated and left in the classroom for students to refer to.

Physical format
Worksheet/ instructions, information sheets