Making a mini wildlife pond

Editor's note Jan 24 2022 19:50 - correction made to the final 2-way table question.

Pat and Mitch decide to build a mini wildlife pond from an old sink. This involves digging, gathering and arranging suitable items, a trip to the aquatic centre to buy water plants, and then sitting back and observing the fruit of their labours :)

A large, detailed resource formatted as a work book.  It could be used for revision or assessment purposes but it is not intended to be a practice paper (the optional marking system does not reflect formal assessment papers as there is a focus on showing all working out, remembering to use units of measure, and not using a calculator).

Page 1: Contents and student record sheet
Page 1 - Contents and student record / mark sheet

You may not want learners to do all sections - and it certainly shoudn't be tackled in a single session!

Covers almost all aspects of the Entry Level 1-2 Reformed Functional Maths content - with a particular focus on:

  • Positional vocabulary
  • Showing working out and using correct units of measure
  • 2d and 3D shapes
  • Entry Level data handling (tallies, block graphs, car charts, sorting and comparing) 


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15 page PDF
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