Entry Functional English listening tasks x 4

Listening activities are few and far between but this fabulous set is ideal for, and fully mapped, to Entry 1 and 2 Functional English learners.
Based on four everyday listening events

  • An announcement in a station
  • A notice in a waiting room
  • A news report
  • A telephone conversation

Each provides practice listening for gist and detail in short explanations. The ‘waiting room’ PDF also provides practice with listening to instructions.

Each document includes.

  • A transcript to be read aloud (or recorded and played back) by the teacher
    (also available in a student-friendly printable version so that it can be used as an optional reading comprehension).
  • A set of 9 open questions – these can be read aloud and answered orally or given as a written worksheet (Entry 2)
  • A set of multiple choice answers for the same questions (ideal for Entry 1)
  • Complete Functional English and Literacy SfL mapping information
Physical format
4 x 4 pages