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A set of  Entry Level 1 Functional English tasks based on an article from Spring 2020 about finding wild plants in towns. Designed for a mixed ability class so that everyone could be working on the same theme. [An E2-3 version is also available]. Includes multiple choice comprehension questions; sentence writing, punctuation and alphabetical order questions; and speaking and listening activities.

Entry Level 1
FE E1.1 Say the names of the letters of the alphabet
FE E1.4 Make requests & ask straightforward questions using appropriate terms & registers
FE E1.5 Respond to questions about specific information
FE E1.6 Make clear statements, communicate feelings & opinions on straightforward topics
FE E1.7 Understand & participate in simple discussions or exchanges with another person about a straightforward topic
FE E1.8 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 1
FE E1.9 Read simple sentences containing one clause
FE E1.10 Understand a short piece of text on a simple subject
FE E1.11 Punctuate simple sentences with capital letter & full stop
FE E1.12 Use capital letter for pronoun ‘I’ and proper nouns
FE E1.13 Use lower-case letters when there is no reason to use capital letters
FE 1.14 Write letters of alphabet in sequence & in upper / lower case
FE 1.16 Communicate information in words, phrases & simple sentences
Science, Nature & Weather