Medium term E2 literacy plans x3

This set of 3 medium term plans follow on from an earlier E1 2-term scheme of work (see below) and can save you a lot of time and energy!

Note: for those in FE not used to school terminology. A medium term plan is more detailed than a scheme of work but not as detailed as a lesson plan.

Based on the E2 DfES Skills for Life materials at…
(These are comprehensive, complete sets of free PDF resources: simply follow the links to the correct level and unit number)
E2 Unit 1 My Big Day – Terms 1 and 2
E2 Unit 2 Entertainment and Leisure – Terms 3 and 4
E2 Unit 3 The Issue – Terms 5 and 6

Each PDF covers one DfES topic and includes includes an overview sheet/front cover followed by the plans for two terms of 6/7 weeks each.

Resource type
Physical format
3 PDFs 3-6 pages each