Keeping a bike safe - 2 onscreen exercises

Two on-screen cloze exercises.
Cloze 1 – select correct words from drop down menus.
Cloze 2 – type in correct words from word bank.
Can be used alone or with the DfES Skills for Life E1 Literacy materials.…
(Unit 1, Lost and Found). Related online audio files are also available (links can be found within the cloze exercises).

To run the cloze exercises unzip the files (select “Extract all files”) into a new folder and click on bike-cloze1 or bike-cloze2. Do not try to run directly from the zip folder or you will not see all the graghics and links.

Two related interactive Word worksheets are also available (see below).

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2 on-screen, web based cloze exercises