reading exams

A reading practise exercise in the style of formal reading exams. Read about unusual hobbies and then choose multiple choice, true/false, and other questions to check a range of reading skills including tone, layout features, vocabulary and general comprehension.

Editor's notes

Written for E3 ESOL but also provides useful and relevant practice for E3-L1 Functional Skills English. Includes a proof reading question on grammar, spelling and punctuation. Interesting article on ghost hunting and keeping ants!

Entry Level 3
Level 1
FE E3.9 Identify, understand & extract main points & ideas in/from texts
FE L1.9 Identify & understand the main points, ideas & details
FE E3.12 Understand organisational features & use them to locate relevant information
FE L1.12 Recognise that language & other textual features can be varied to suit different audiences & purposes
FE L1.15 Infer from images meanings not explicit in the accompanying text
ESOL Rw/E3.3a Use a dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
ESOL Rs/E3.2a Recognise function of CLs, full stops, commas, question- exclamation- and speech marks, bullet points /numbering
ESOL Rs/L1.1a Use implicit & explicit grammatical knowledge to predict meaning & check for sense
ESOL Rt/E3.4a Extract the main points and ideas, and predict words from context.
ESOL Rt/E3.5a Locate organisational features, such as contents, index, menus
ESOL Rt/E3.7a Scan different parts of texts to locate information
Leisure, Hobbies, Travel & Tourism