AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2 style exam practice. Source A is from a contemporary memoir "Life As A Unicorn" by Amrou Al-Kadhi. Source B is adapted from a Victorian article about aquariums. The questions mimic AQA Paper 2; questions 1 to 5. Question 5 asks students to write an article about gender roles. The whole paper reflects the advance information given by AQA about the summer 2022 exams; a memoir paired with a Victorian essay and an article writing task. 

Editor's notes

GCSE Reading AO1a Identify/interpret explicit & implicit information & ideas
GCSE Reading AO1b Select & synthesise evidence from different texts
GCSE English Reading AO2 Explain & analyse language & structure
GCSE Reading AO3 Compare writers’ ideas & perspectives across 2 or more texts
GCSE Writing AO5(a) Use tone, style and register for different forms, purposes & audiences
GCSE Writing AO5(b) Organise information using structural and grammatical features
GCSE Writing AO6 Vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation
Animals, animal care, farming & equine