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Changed on 30 July 2014

Recently, I have received dozens of messages about the future of skillsworkshop. These have varied from concerned enquiries to rather rude demands for more resources!

Changed on 6 May 2014

Thank you for a really resourceful site

Thanks for a great website with resources that give super ideas for motivating FS [Functional Skills] students.

Janice Finnis, Brockenhurst College

Changed on 5 August 2013

All our pages now have icons for sharing on Facebook, Linked in, Google+ and Twitter. Please use these to spread the news about your favourite resources and to support our resource contributors.

Changed on 21 May 2013

Sorry I’m a bit late but don’t forget this wonderful set of Eurovision resources from Carrie Bray.
Two for Functional Maths (E3, and L1-2) and two for Functional English.

Changed on 22 February 2013

SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Dear Maggie, your site is unbelievable!

I just came across it. When I looked at the list of centres which use your site, I was amazed.

I am going to register but I wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been. I just hope the enormous effort is worthwhile for you.

Barney Angliss,
Rydens Enterprise School

Barney Angliss

Changed on 21 February 2013

We have two Functional Maths World Maths Day resources, both from prolific contributor Carrie Bray.

Changed on 5 December 2012

I just stumbled upon your page...

I just want to say THANK YOU!!

I’m so used to finding great things and then realizing that I have to pay to use the resource. I am an ESOL Teacher at a middle school and am often OVERWHELMED like many teachers with all that we have to do to reach all of our kiddos.

What a wonderful discovery and you have obviously put a lot of work into helping other teachers. So, THANK YOU! :)

Paula Vasquez

Changed on 18 March 2012


To whom it may concern,

Thank you for this site, it has been a great help for use within a course module we are undertaking at the moment. We are offering ICT tuition as part of a work related Learning 4 Module of an Applied Computing, Foundation Degree course in our final year and semester.

Your material hits the mark for us. It will greatly help the organisation and staff to whom we are offering ICT support on a voluntary basis.

Thanks again,

Mark Bowers and Johnny Wan

Mark Bowers and Johnny Wan

Changed on 25 February 2012

Dear All,

This redeveloped version of skillsworkshop was one year old yesterday :)

Changed on 12 December 2011

Hi from Michael, Shanghai

Dear Ms. Harnew,

I’m an English teacher in Shanghai, China. I recently found your website, and I have found soooooooooooo many good materials here, and my students like them…
The website is amazing and the materials are really impressive!

I saw your picture on the website. I noticed that there is a Chinese calligraphy with your name on it which is hanging on the wall. I assume that you must had been to China before. I respect that what you have done for this website over the past ten years, you are a great lady.

Michael Guo