Full descriptors added to all Number and Data Handling curriculum elements

This mammoth task has now been completed. Now, if you select an N1 (whole numbers), N2 (fractions, decimals & percentages) or HD (data handling) curriculum element and click on it, the full description of the element will be given at the top of the search results list.
E.g. the full description for N2/E3.4 is:
N2/E3.1 Read, write and understand common fractions in words and figures (e.g. 3/4,2/3,1/10)
(a) Understand that the bottom number (denominator) indicates the number of equal parts in the whole
(b) Understand that a unit fraction is one part of a whole divided into equal parts (e.g. 1/5 181/10)
(c) Understand that non-unit fractions are several equal parts of a whole, indicated by the top number (numerator)

This completes all descriptors for the numeracy curriculum (Measure, Shape and Space was finished in November 2010).