All 'Useful Links' now checked

I have now checked all the auto-imported external links from the old Useful Links page. All 250+ links have been checked and many have been re-catalogued. The main categories covered are:

  • Functional Skills links
  • Embedded and Contextualised learning
  • UK Government & Agencies
  • Good Books
  • Good Software
  • Hands-on resources
  • Free educational clip art
  • Realia sources for text level work
  • General CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • Teaching theory
  • Level 5 Additional Diploma in Teaching Maths / Numeracy (ADTLLS)
  • Level 5 Additional Diploma in Teaching English / Literacy (ADTLLS)
  • Exam links
  • Learning difficulties and disabilities (inc. dyslexia)
  • Accessibility and assistive software
  • Study support and study skills

A further 300-400 links (from the old Printable resource sites and Interactive sites pages) will be added over the next few weeks.