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This is a fun activity which encourages learners to use IT vocabulary to identify common devices, emojis and icons. It includes a link to an on-screen Wordwall activity where they can test what they already know about devices and common computing icons. 

Editor's note

Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
FE E2.12 Use illustrations, images & captions to locate information
pre-Entry Rw/M8.3 Recognise & read a growing no. of words signs symbols
ESOL Rw/E1.1a Recognise a limited number of words, signs and symbols
Entry 1 and 2 ICT
Functional Skills ICT: Using ICT

This is a fabulous board game created as a fun and gentle introduction to L1-2 Functional ICT (or other ICT type classes). It also makes a good ice breaker at the beginning of term. Best printed onto A3 and laminated.

There is also an extra bonus ‘Quiz makers’ game available online (link available on the answer sheet).

Level 2
Level 1
Functional Skills ICT: Using ICT
General ICT resources