Adult literacy curriculum

The Adult Literacy Core Curriculum (ALCC) was published in 2001 and formed part of the first national 'adult basic skills' curriculum. It was replaced 10 years later by the Functional Skills Criteria for English (now known as Legacy Functional Skills English). In 2018 Functional Skills English was completely refreshed and new subject content descriptors were published (known as the reformed Functional Skills Content).

English resources published on Skillsworkshop before 2001 are mapped to the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum. Those published after this date are mapped to the Functional Skills English Content Descriptors. There is much overlap between the two curricula and the ALCC remains a useful reference and taxonomy tool.

Adult Literacy is split into sections as follows (click on each link for more information and to find relevant resources):

Speaking and Listening (SL)

Reading (R)

Writing (W)

Since the demise of the Excellence Gateway (EG) on September 30 2023, there is no official Government backed website where the old Skills for Life core curricula are available. The EG has (partially) migrated to the Education & Training Foundation (ETF) at but there is no sign of these classic documents. 

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Adult literacy curriculum
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