ESOL Sd/E1.1a

Take part in social interaction
(i) Be able to:
Greet: E.g. Hi, how are you?
- Respond to a greeting
Fine thanks, and you?
- Introduce others
This is Joe and this is Sam. They're brothers.
- Invite and offer
Would you like a sandwich?
Yes, please.
- Accept and decline invitations and offers:
Would you like a ham sandwich?
No thanks, I'm sorry, I don't eat ham.
Which do you want? Tea or coffee?
Tea, please.
Red wine or white?
I'm sorry, I don't drink wine.
- Express thanks
- Take leave
Bye, see you tomorrow.
(ii) And with all of the above, use intonation patterns appropriate for friendly social interaction
(iii) Know that gestures, e.g. nodding, can vary in meaning across cultures

Lovely set of speaking, listening and discussion resources for the start of term in E1 ESOL classes. Covers taking part in social conversation; listening and responding to requests for personal information; accepting and declining offers / invitations (e.g. Would you like a sandwich?), and much more.
Includes question cards, would you like cards, food cards and a do-you-like questionnaire / ice breaker.
Full mapped and with detailed teaching ideas.

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