ESOL Rw/E2.4a Use simplified dictionary to find word meanings

Rw/E2.4a Obtain information from a simplified dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
(i) Understand the function of dictionaries
(ii) Use dictionaries effectively; both those that are organised alphabetically and those that are topic based
(iii) Understand the concept of a headword and how to know which page to look on for a word

Source: Adult ESOL Core Curriculum (DfES, 2001) 

Originally written as a mock E2 ESOL reading paper with a Halloween theme. Now amended with extra tasks to reflect the reformed Entry Level 2 Functional English content. Covers alphabetical order / dictionary work, general comprehension, purpose of text (E3) and some writing elements (see below). 

Entry 2 Halloween reading tasks

Entry Level 2
FE E2.7 Read correctly words designated for Entry Level 2
FE E2.8 Understand the main points in texts
FE E2.10 Use effective strategies to find words meanings & check spelling e.g. simple dictionary, spell-checker
FE E2.15 Use 1st & 2nd letters to sequence words alphabetically
FE E2.18 Complete a form asking for personal information (e.g. first name, surname, address, postcode, age, date of birth)
ESOL: Reading text focus - comprehension (Rt)
ESOL Rs/E2.1d Use punctuation and capitalisation to aid understanding
ESOL Rw/E2.4a Use simplified dictionary to find word meanings
ESOL Rw/E2.5a Sequence words using basic alphabetical ordering skills
Leisure, Hobbies, Travel & Tourism