ESOL Rt/E3.8a

Read every word to obtain specific information
(i) Understand when it is necessary to read every word to understand a text
(ii) Judge when detailed reading is necessary and when skimming or scanning is more appropriate, and obtain appropriate information by reading in detail
(iii) Recognise collocations and note differences in detail, e.g. he came on time as opposed to he came in time

An adaptation of the text originally contributed by Amanda Burgess. I’ve simplified it for ESOL E2-E3 learners and added a vocab box as well – either for learners to investigate themselves or to be taught by the tutor ( Eg,What other charities do you know about….What other ways do charities use to raise money…etc).

From an ESOL point of view, the resource ties in with the core curriculum reading descriptors as well as the ‘Getting Involved in the Community’ part of the Citizenship syllabus.

ESOL Rt/E3.8a
ESOL Rt/E3.4a
ESOL Rt/E3.1a
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