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Ratios for army soldiers

Submitted by Lulu Spink on Tue, 2015-01-20 10:18

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N1/L1.7, N1/L2.3

Context: Employment skills & Public services

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Interactive presentation

This is a PowerPoint slide show on ratios (with answers) to use with Army soldiers. The subject matter is Adventurous Training and Mountain Leader Trainers (MLTs). Most of the presentation deals with the instructor/novice ratio. The final slide is about ammunition.

Social Ups and Downs (game)

Submitted by Andrea Slade on Mon, 2014-12-08 21:25

Pre-entry: N1/M8.1, SLlr/M8.3

Literacy: SLlr/E1.3

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N1/E1.1

Context: Independent living

Resource type: Game, Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: M8, E1

A counting game along similar lines to Snakes and Ladders. Learners will learn turn-taking, following instruction & basic counting skills. In addition, they will pick up social and communication skills along the way.

(Print onto A3 – a dice and counters needed)

Editor’s note
A PPT version is also included to enable the game to be played on a smartboard.

Bank Account - no overdraft allowed!

Submitted by Laura Addamiano on Sat, 2014-02-08 17:43

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, HD1/L2.1, N1/L2.1, N1/L2.2, N2/L2.10

Context: Business & Money management

Level: L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

I have created this worksheet to assess learners in reading and extracting data, solving problems on budgeting expenses when standing orders, direct debits and wages are expected on different dates.

Christmas recipe activities

Submitted by Judith White on Mon, 2013-12-16 09:19

Numeracy: Functional Maths - measures, shape, money, Functional Maths - number, N1/L1.7, N1/L2.3, MSS1/E3.6, MSS1/L1.6, MSS1/L2.5, MSS1/L2.6

Free tags: Recipe, Christmas

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Eight different tasks based on three delightful Christmas mincemeat recipes – accompanied by very enticing photographs!. Suitable for E3-L2. Tasks cover metric measures, a web investigation, converting between metric and Imperial units, and ratio and proportion. Fully mapped to the Functional Maths criteria.

Help John Golt: travel expenses claim

Submitted by Laura Addamiano on Thu, 2013-11-28 19:39

Numeracy: Functional Maths, N2/L1.10, HD1/L1.1, HD1/L2.1, N2/L1.11, N2/L2.10, N2/L2.9

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: L1, L2

I have created this worksheet to assess learners studying maths at level 2 in solving practical problems which involve extracting and interpreting discrete data from a table and also calculating a percentage increase.

Editor’s note
With Functional Maths and Adult Numeracy curriculum mapping

Addition number grids

Submitted by Emma Shaw on Thu, 2013-11-28 12:18

Numeracy: N1/E1.4, N1/E2.3, N1/E2.4, Functional Maths - number

Resource type: Informative presentation, Interactive worksheet, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

Quick addition warm up exercise using one and two digit numbers.
An Excel worksheet with an explanatory introductory PPT (with answers).

12 Days of Christmas price list activity

Submitted by Susan Vickers on Sun, 2013-11-24 18:13

Numeracy: N1/E2.5, Functional Maths - number

Free tags: Christmas

Level: E2

Resource type: Warm-up, Worksheet or assignment

A seasonal addition activity for E1-2 learners or could be used as a speedy starter for other levels.

Bank Statement: mind the gaps.

Submitted by Laura Addamiano on Fri, 2013-10-18 11:21

Numeracy: Functional Maths - data handling, Functional Maths - number, HD1/L2.1, N2/L2.6

Context: Business & Money management

Level: L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

I have created this worksheet to assess learners in operating with decimals and reading and extracting data from a table.

Editor’s note
With curriculum mapping and answer sheet.

Stoptober maths - the cost of smoking

Submitted by Rachel Pearson on Thu, 2013-10-10 17:20

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N1/L1.9, N1/L2.6, N2/L1.11, N2/L2.10

Context: Health, Social care, Early years

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Worksheet or assignment

I have created this to enable learners to estimate and calculate and to emphasis the (financial) costs of smoking.
Editor’s note
With Functional maths mapping.

Times tables grids

Submitted by Marcus Elliott on Thu, 2013-10-03 16:32

Numeracy: N1/E2.5, Functional Maths - number, N1/E3.4, N1/E3.5, N1/L1.5, N1/L1.6

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Handout or guide, On-screen activity or video, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E2, E3, L1

This is a set of part-blanked times tables grids for students to complete and use as a resource. Used with Entry level students. Includes 10×10 and 12×20 grids, with full and gap versions.

Editor’s note
Can be printed and completed on paper, or used on-screen.

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