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All resources are free. You do not need to register in order to access, view, download or print resources.
However, optional site registration gives you extra benefits and permissions.

To register, please contact Maggie and she will create an account for you (sorry, we had too many spam registrations to leave the registration form public). Please include your place of work and/or a geographical area as Maggie needs this information for your credit line. Your credit line appears at the bottom of every page of your published resource.

When logged in as a resource contributor you can:

  1. upload and catalogue your new resource contributions to an approval queue
  2. upload suggested external links to an approval queue
  3. edit the descriptions (and upload updated versions) of your existing resources that have already been published
  4. leave comments on any resource or external link
  5. contact other site contributors through their contact forms (unless they have this option turned off in their site settings
  6. access personal and site-wide download information (this feature is temporarily unavailable)
  7. see how many guests and members are using the site
  8. vote on your favourite external links using the 5-star system – you get one vote per external link (this feature might be extended to site resources later).

These points apply to full site contributor status. All members with this status are listed in the Resource Contributors list which is open to public view.

Resource contributors are also entitled to editable Word versions of resources and have access to restricted answer sheets. See Contributing Resources for more info.

There is also a secondary authenticated user status for those who want to register their support and interest in the site, perhaps by leaving comments on resources they have used, but do not wish to contribute resources. These members’ names do not appear in the Resource Contributors list and points 1 to 3 above do not apply. Authenticated user status can be switched to site contributor status upon request.

My eventual aim is to introduce a third site administrator status. This will allow trusted members to assist with running the site.

All membership is subject to approval and not automatic.
I will reply to all membership requests as soon as I can – normally within 24 hours.

Please read the Contributing Resources page to find out more about benefits of sharing your resources on skillsworkshop.

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