Contributing Resources

How you can contribute

You must register with the site before you can upload resources. There are two types of registration: please read the Registering with skillsworkshop page to find out more. You must be a registered Site Contributor in order to upload resources.

After logging in, click on Create content and then Resource to add a new resource.** The resource submission form is still being developed – please fill in as much information as you can (levels, description, context, etc.). You will receive an email confirmation and your resource will be placed in an approval queue. It can take from 12 hours to 12 months before a resource is published. Many resources (doc, docx, txt, odt, ott) will be converted to copy-protected printable PDF files when published.

**If you do not see the Create content link when logged in you are an Authenticated User. Please ask and I will change your status to Site Contributor.

To suggest new external links you follow a similar procedure: after logging in, click on Create Content and then External Link.

You can also contribute to the site by leaving feedback and comments about any resource or external link. Again, you must be logged in before you can use the add new comment feature.

If you would like to leave more general feedback please use the Testimonial for publication option on the contact link (registration is not required to use this option).

Benefits of contributing

Many contributors simply enjoy sharing their work. Knowing that your resource is being used in colleges and classrooms across the UK and beyond can give you quite a buzz! I hope that the new comment facility will prompt other users to leave thanks and feedback.

You might see a PDF resource that you want to customise for your learners. If you have contributed to the site, in any of the ways outlined above, you are welcome to ask for editable Word versions of other site resources in exchange – this is done on a one to one exchange basis but I’m pretty flexible about it. Thus, do remember that if you send in a resource you are agreeing that Word versions can be sent out to other site contributors (please also read the copyright information on the About page). To request a Word version of a PDF document please use the Request Word version option on the contact link. If you make substantial changes after you have edited your requested Word version – please consider sharing it back again!

Site contributors are also entitled to access restricted answer sheets. For example, answer sheets to: L2 Shrove Tuesday Functional English, E2-E3 Number Patterns and Sequences (also includes extra practice sheets), Guinness World Records – converting measures, etc. etc.

Other considerations

  • The standard resource credit line (this appears at the bottom of every page of your resource when published) is: This resource kindly contributed by NAME, INSTITUTION but some contributors prefer not to include their college or institution.
  • I will no longer be including email addresses on new resources as contributors can now be contacted (by registered site users) through their personal contact forms (if they choose to enable this option in their account settings).
  • All resource contributors must have standard two part user names e.g. Mary Brown, John Smith, although pseudonyms are acceptable if you prefer to be anonymous. This is simply so that the user name matches the name in the credit line at the bottom of all our resources. If you have already registered on the site with a non-standard name (e.g. maryb79, smithy) your user name will be changed when your resource is published (you will be notified in advance so that you can still log in).
  • Please use Contact if you have any worries or queries about contributing resources or if you do not wish to have the standard credit line on your resource.

Plagiarism – please provide web links and references if any information or pictures in your resources are copied or adapted from other sources.

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