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to skillsworkshop, the home of free adult literacy and numeracy resources since 2001.

The site was redeveloped in 2011 but all your favourite resources are still here. New items are added regularly and there are now more than 2000 free Functional Skills and Skills for Life resources.

The About pages describe the history of the site, the benefits of registration, and explain how you can contribute.

To get a quick overview of the types of resource available have a look at the Tag Clouds page.

Using this site

The site has a powerful search facility: try typing something into the “Search” box at the top left of every page, or use the search page.

Look for things for a given subject area using the tabs at the top of every page, such as Numeracy, then filter the resource list by level and/or subject.

You can see our 500+ resource contributors and follow the links to their information pages to see lists of all the resources they’ve contributed.

Check out the News page for all the latest site information and Recent changes for lists of all new and updated site content. Both pages include a standard RSS feed so you can subscribe for automatic update notifications.

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