Catering Food Nutrition

Pizza fractions

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Tue, 2006-07-25 17:11

Numeracy: N2/E2.2, N2/E3.1, N2/E2.1, N2/E3.2

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E2, E3

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Name and shade in fractions, simple equivalents, practical questions.

Cocktail ratios

Submitted by Jodie Travis on Fri, 2006-07-07 17:11

Numeracy: Functional Maths - measures, shape, money, Functional Maths - number, N1/L1.7, N1/L2.3, MSS1/L1.7, MSS1/L2.6

Free tags: Recipe

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

A wonderful way to introduce ratio and proportion (also covers converting measures). Chose your favourites from the ‘menu’; work out ratios for the ingredients and calculate amounts required for multiples such as 6, 10 and 20 drinks; and make up your own cocktails.

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Instant Pink Whip!

Submitted by Sally Shipton Black on Sun, 2006-03-26 17:12

Pre-entry: Rtc/M7.3, Rtc/M8.3

Literacy: Rt/E1.1, Rt/E2.1, Rt/E2.3

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Resource type: Flash cards, Hands-on / practical activity, Shared text, Sort or match cards

Level: M7, M8, E1, E2

A great project for preEntry – Entry 2. Make the instant dessert, read and sequence instructions, match images to key word and more!

Favourite Recipe writing frames

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Sun, 2006-01-29 17:12

Literacy: Rs/E3.1, Writing: text focus (composition), Wt/E2.1, Wt/E3.1, Wt/E3.3, Wt/L1.1, Wt/L1.2, Wt/L1.3, Wt/L1.4, Wt/L1.5, Wt/L1.6

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Writing frame

A favourite recipe. Three step by step writing frames take the learner through planning to the final draft. Page 1 has a checklist with the key features and suggestions for setting out a favourite recipe. Page 2 includes line guides only and page 3 is blank for the final polished version.

Traditional Christmas pudding

Submitted by Dave Walkden on Thu, 2005-10-20 00:00

Numeracy: N1/L1.7, HD1/E3.1, MSS1/E3.1, MSS1/E3.2, HD1/L1.1, HD1/E3.4, HD1/L1.2

Free tags: Recipe, Christmas

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Investigation or project

A seasonal maths investigation that involves a trip to the supermarket, scaling a recipe, rounding, estimating and much more!

Colours, Clothes and Fruit

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Thu, 2004-08-12 16:53

Literacy: General literacy / English

Pre-entry: General pre-Entry

ESOL: General ESOL

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Resource type: Cloze exercise, Crossword, Wordsearch, Worksheet or assignment

Level: M8, E1, E2

Colours, Clothes and Fruit ) is a 43 page booklet with 23 Milestone 8 / Entry 1-2 paper-based word and sentence focus activities. These accompany our ‘describing people’ on-screen resources.

Word searches and shapes, alphabetical order, upper-lower case letters, crosswords, word fills and matching games.

Restaurant Bills

Submitted by Sarah Richards on Sat, 2003-05-24 00:00

Numeracy: MSS1/E2.2, MSS1/E3.1, MSS1/L1.1, MSS1/L2.1

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E2, E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Warm-up

A lively warm-up that covers mental and paper-based money skills from Entry 2 to Level 2. All you need are copies of local food menus (or make up your own on the blank provided).

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