Edexcel Functional Skills

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Wed, 2011-01-12 02:17

Edexcel have dozens of free Level 1 and Level 2 pilot resources written by Pearson Education that are still extremely useful. Visit the free downloadable L1 & L2 resources or see the subheadings below for further details.

Resources for Edexcel Functional English
Section A: Building your reading skills base covers skimming, scanning, recognising main points, specific detail, different features of text, etc.
Section B: Widen your reading skills covers finding main points and ideas, understanding texts in detail, taking appropriate action and, for L2 only: summarising texts, recognising points of view and bias, inference, responding to texts.
Section C: Becoming a skilful speaker and listener covers taking part in formal / informal discussions, giving presentations.
Section D1: Understanding and writing texts (writing clearly)
Section D2: Presenting information and ideas logically and persuasively.
Section D3: Writing for different purposes.
Section D4: Choosing and varying style for your audience and purpose.

Resources for Edexcel Functional Maths include
Chapter 1A working with whole numbers
Chapter 2B working with fractions
etc. etc. right through to
Chapter 7K working with probability

The pilot resources for Edexcel Functional ICT seem to have disappeared.

For free post-plot resources and support visit the post-16 FS support section
There is an amazing array of resources for all three Functional Skills including lesson plans, schemes of work, activities, mapping documents, curriculum models, etc.

Some of the new post-pilot resources are not free but you can apply to see sample packs and sample pages These look very good (follow the large maths, English and ICT buttons at the bottom of the page).

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