Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Matching and memory games

Classroom objects - reading bingo game

Submitted by Jacqui Garrett on Fri, 2016-05-13 18:19

Pre-entry: Rw/M8.3

Literacy: Rw/E1.1, Rw/E1.2

ESOL: ESOL Reading: word focus (vocabulary, word recognition, phonics)

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Level: M8, E1

A game of bingo to practise reading (not listening to) the names of classroom objects. There are 16 different bingo cards and a page of word cards to be held up by the teacher. (Alternatively the teacher could write the words (one at a time) on the class whiteboard.
For a different take on this game (where names are called out) see Classroom Objects & Numbers bingo game written by Jacqui’s colleague Sian Evans (scroll down to “See also”).

Phrase & metaphor follow me - domino loop cards

Submitted by Nigel Henry on Tue, 2016-05-10 16:21

Literacy: Follow and understand, Functional English - reading

ESOL: ESOL Reading: text focus (comprehension)

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Game, Sort or match cards

An E3- L2 Set of ‘follow-me’ cards that can be used by a group of learners or as a domino card match ‘loop’ for an individual learner. Serves as a supplementary / plenary resource to identifying and defining common phrases/sayings.

Classroom objects and numbers - bingo game

Submitted by Sian Evans on Sun, 2016-05-08 21:29

Pre-entry: General pre-Entry

Numeracy: N1/E1.1

ESOL: ESOL Listening

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Level: M8, E1

Classroom bingoClassroom bingoA game of bingo to practise classroom objects and numbers 1-16. There are 8 different bingo cards and a teacher’s board.
This could be used at the start of term for Pre-entry or Entry 1 learners.

January bingo

Submitted by Phoebe McLeod on Thu, 2013-11-28 09:48

Literacy: SLc/E1.2, SLc/E1.3, SLc/E2.2

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E2.2a, ESOL Sc/E2.2c, ESOL Sc/E2.2d, ESOL Sc/E2.3a, ESOL Sc/E2.3b

Free tags: New Year, Christmas

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Ice breaker, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

Mingle activity to use straight after the Christmas holidays to review past simple.
Learners ask each other questions to try to find one name of another learner to fill in each square. First to finish shouts “bingo!”
Review as a group and check questions using past simple.
Give a prize to the winner.

Literacy: Functional Skills English, General literacy / English

ESOL: General ESOL

Context: Health and safety

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Discussion points, Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity, Warm-up, Wordsearch, Worksheet or assignment, Writing frame, Writing prompts

Level: E1, E2

Worksheets and tasks around the theme of emergencies. Written for ESOL but also suitable for adult literacy and Functionakl English.

The worksheets and tasks include reading for information, preparing and practising an emergency phone call, speaking and writing about an emergency situation. The material is set in an Irish context so some of the vocabulary is specific e.g. ‘garda’ is a police officer and ‘gardai’ is police.

Averages and range memory game

Submitted by Fran Offord on Wed, 2011-05-25 19:22

Numeracy: HD1/L1.3, HD1/L1.4, HD1/L2.3, HD1/L2.4

General: Dyslexia support

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Sort or match cards

A really unusual, fun and effective way to reinforce and revise mean, mode, median and range. With extensive teacher notes and differentiation ideas.

Back to Back CVC card game

Submitted by Margaret Adams on Thu, 2011-03-24 20:26

Literacy: Rw/E1.2

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Game, Sort or match cards

Level: E1

Great card game that encourages E1 learners to look more deeply into the content of words. For learners who spell phonetically, the game can also be used to develop an awareness of short vowel sounds.
Best laminated. With detailed instructions and extension ideas.

Dolch word bingo

Submitted by Susan Douglas-Davis on Wed, 2010-03-17 21:29

Literacy: Rw/E1.1

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Level: E1

Ideal for Entry 1 Literacy. 10 different bingo boards – each with 9 words.

Homophone card game II

Submitted by Angela Kennedy-... on Sun, 2010-02-07 21:29

Literacy: Homophones, homographs & confusables, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Game

Level: L1, L2

Homophone card game is a lovely kinaesthetic game with differentiation ideas to suit E3-L2. Match homophones to definitions as quickly as you can to be the winning group! 13 pairs of words, 26 definition cards.

Letters & Sounds Bingo

Submitted by Rachel Emmett on Thu, 2010-02-04 21:13

Literacy: Rw/E1.1, Rw/E2.1

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E1.1a, ESOL Rw/E2.1a

Level: E1, E2

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism

Letters & Sounds bingoLetters & Sounds bingoWritten to accompany the school-based Letters & Sounds reading scheme (which can be adapted and used to teach adults). All the words are based on phase 2 of the scheme (available free – for details see attached teaching notes or visit and type Letters and Sounds in the search box).
Please also see Margaret Adam’s High Frequency Words (below) which focuses on the 100 most frequent words used in the same reading scheme.

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