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Jumbled Poems & Limericks

Submitted by Kathy Crockford on Mon, 2013-02-11 13:14

Literacy: Poetry, Functional English - reading, Rw/E1.2, Rw/E2.2, SLlr/E1.2

Pre-entry: Rw/M8.2

General: Dyslexia support

Context: Health, Social care, Early years

Resource type: Game, Listening and/or speaking activity, Reading comprehension, Sort or match cards

Level: E1, E2, E3

This resource helps learners hear rhymes and recognise corresponding letters/digraphs, rimes and onsets etc. Take simple limericks and poems and get your learners to put them together.

I created my own limericks to match work we had been doing on long vowel sounds (it is not that difficult to do once you get started).

E2 Listening exercises x 2

Submitted by Geoff Saunders on Fri, 2011-09-02 22:45

Literacy: Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, SLlr/E2.2, SLlr/E2.3

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E2.2a, ESOL Lr/E2.3a, ESOL Lr/E2.3c

Context: Retail Hospitality Customer service

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E2

Two listening exercises based on everyday events. Each provides a transcript and written questions so they could also be used as reading comprehension exercises.
1) Asking where the pasta is in Asda
2) Listening to a weather forecast
Fully mapped to E2 Literacy (listening) and E2 Functional English (speaking, listening and communication). Also suitable for ESOL.

Foods that we like!

Submitted by Kathryn Fleming on Mon, 2011-08-29 19:22

Literacy: Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, SLc/E1.3, SLc/E2.2, SLc/E2.3, SLlr/L1.6

Numeracy: Functional Maths - data handling, Functional Maths - number, HD1/E1.1, HD1/E2.4, HD1/E3.3

Free tags: Equality and Diversity

Context: Catering Food Nutrition

Level: E1, E2, E3

Resource type: Ice breaker, Listening and/or speaking activity, Worksheet or assignment

Find out and record everyone’s favorites from a diverse list of foods. Use as an icebreaker in any Entry Level literacy, numeracy, Functional Skills or ESOL lesson.

Also ties in well with lessons on diversity, healthy eating, collecting data, making / taking simple surveys, tallies, counting, asking questions, etc.

Mapped to Functional Maths and SfL adult numeracy, Functional English (speaking, listening and communication) and SfL adult literacy.

Entry Functional English listening tasks x 4

Submitted by Hazel Hughes on Sun, 2011-08-28 13:03

Literacy: SLlr/E1.1, SLlr/E1.2, SLlr/E1.3, SLlr/E2.2, SLlr/E2.3

Context: Health, Social care, Early years, Leisure Travel Tourism, Politics & News items

Level: E1, E2

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Worksheet or assignment

Listening activities are few and far between but this fabulous set is ideal for, and fully mapped, to Entry 1 and 2 Functional English learners.
Based on four everyday listening events

  • An announcement in a station
  • A notice in a waiting room
  • A news report
  • A telephone conversation

Each provides practice listening for gist and detail in short explanations.

Hat instructions

Submitted by Linda M Hoole on Thu, 2011-05-12 21:10

Literacy: Functional English - reading, Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, Rs/E2.1, Rt/E2.1, SLlr/E2.2, SLlr/E2.4

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Listening and/or speaking activity, Shared text, Sort or match cards

Level: E2

Fun, hands-on activity that provides practice in both reading and listening to / following instructions. You should end up with a paper hat!
Fully mapped to Entry 2 Functional English (reading; speaking, listening and communication) and the adult literacy curriculum. Page 1 is for reading practice (or for the tutor to read aloud to the students), page 2 can be chopped up and used as a re-ordering exercise.

Victor the Vote Counter activity

Submitted by Nafisah Graham-Brown on Thu, 2011-05-05 08:33

Literacy: Listen for gist, Listen for detail, Functional English - speaking, listening & communication

General: Generic resources for literacy, numeracy and beyond

Context: Politics & News items

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: E1, E2, E3

This is a resource I developed, prior to the May 2011 referendum, to use as part of ‘language for expressing opinions’ at E3 Level. It’s quite basic but can be developed in different ways for classes of different levels. It is based the Victor the Vote Counter video available on YouTube or

Listening for the main points

Submitted by Karen Bruin on Sat, 2010-03-06 22:22

Literacy: SLlr/E2.3


Context: Employment skills & Public services

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity

Level: E2

A very useful listening exercise and the first one we have to specifically cover this curriculum element (listen for and identify the main points of short explanations or presentations).
Transcriptt to read out (or record), questions to ask, and extension ideas. The script is about travelling to a staff conference, making it ideal for work skills students.

Step up to Word

Submitted by Jan Hayto on Sun, 2009-12-13 17:24

Literacy: SLlr/E3.4, Ws/E2.1, Wt/E3.1, Wt/E3.4

ICT: Functional ICT, Entry 3 ICT

Context: Business & Money management

Resource type: ICT task sheet, Lesson plan, Scheme of work, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E2, E3

A wonderfully detailed plan for 3 × 2 hours sessions for computer beginners. It is also mapped to the literacy curriculum – making it ideal for embedded learning and Entry Functional ICT. Includes scheme of work, session plans, feedback/evaluation forms and 7 resource sheets.
ICT covers creating, opening, printing a document; formatting, printing, copying, proof reading. Mapped to Entry 2 and 3 speaking & listening, and writing (including several exercises on conjunctions and compound sentences).

The Cardigan

Submitted by New Leaf Books on Fri, 2009-08-28 17:25

Literacy: Fiction, Ww/E3.2, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals, Rt/E2.1, Rt/E2.3, Rt/E2.4, Rt/E3.8, SLc/E2.4, SLlr/E1.5, Wt/E2.1

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Reading comprehension, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E1, E2, E3

The Cardigan is a set of professionally written resources based on the popular reader from New Leaf Books

Includes imagery, speaking & listening, symbols, spelling (changing y to an i) and memory skills. Encourages readers to get the most out of the book.

Michael Jackson tributes

Submitted by Olubunmi Coker on Mon, 2009-07-06 17:25

Literacy: Rt/L2.4, SLlr/L2.1, Wt/L2.7

Context: Art Film Media Music TV

Level: L2

Resource type: Listening and/or speaking activity, Worksheet or assignment

A series of Level 2 reading (distinguishing between fact & opinion), proof reading and listening tasks.

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