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Detailed plans - often accompanied by resources

Literacy: General literacy / English

ESOL: ESOL Listening, ESOL Speaking, ESOL Reading

Free tags: Equality and Diversity

Context: Art Film Media Music TV

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Discussion points, Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity, Teaching idea

Passage to IndiaPassage to IndiaThese lesson activities are based on scenes from David Lean’s 1984 film, A Passage to India. Topics relating to culture, integration, separation, race, ethnicity, identity and humanity can easily be raised and discussed via the materials and the film scenes. There are many ways of using this original material and the suggestions are just activities that have worked with L2 and [even] L1 students.

Song: Knock on Wood

Submitted by M Reagan on Tue, 2013-10-15 09:45

ESOL: General ESOL

Context: Art Film Media Music TV

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Discussion points, Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity

Uses the call-and-response song “Knock on Wood” from “Casablanca” to discuss superstitions (touch wood), opposites, emotions, and contracted words.

Two pages, the first of which has the vocabulary and song lyrics printed out for students, the second is the teacher’s lesson plan. Teachers will either need a “Casablanca” DVD or access the song clip from YouTube.

Film trailers note taking & writing an email

Submitted by Emily Nichols on Wed, 2012-09-05 23:12

Literacy: Writing: text focus (composition), Functional English - writing

Context: Art Film Media Music TV

Level: E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Lesson plan, Worksheet or assignment, Writing frame

An engaging and interesting lesson plan and note taking worksheet for a session using short film trailers to develop email writing skills.

Learners watch and listen for the relevant information and discuss and negotiate, expressing their opinions and developing soft skills such as turn taking. They then use the information to write an email invitation, combining informative and persuasive / inviting language.

Literacy: Functional Skills English, General literacy / English

Numeracy: Functional Maths, General numeracy / maths

Free tags: Diamond Jubilee

Context: History

Level: E1, E2, E3

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Lesson plan, Worksheet or assignment, Writing prompts

This carousel of Jubilee tasks was hurriedly put together for a group of 10 E1-E3 Functional Maths and English 16-19 year old learners who had just (very successfully!) finished all their Edexcel Functional Skills assessments.

After a year of hard work from my students, the emphasis was on celebration and fun. However, learning objectives included: measuring, counting, writing an email, spelling, 2D shapes, estimating, rounding and working with money.

Writing a children's story SoW and plans

Submitted by Craig Wildman on Sun, 2012-04-29 19:11

Literacy: Functional Skills English, General literacy / English

ICT: Developing, presenting and communicating information

Free tags: childrens, scheme, Story

Context: Health, Social care, Early years

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Lesson plan, Scheme of work

This is a scheme of work I have used in EBD schools to get the pupils engaged with English. It is a 7 week scheme of work aimed at between E3-L2, as it can be differentiated. I have also included the lesson plans that go with the scheme.

Editor’s note
Although written for a Key Stage 3/4 school setting this would work well as a way of embedding Functional English into a vocational childcare course or a family learning situation.

Literacy: Functional Skills English, General literacy / English

ESOL: General ESOL

Context: Health and safety

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Discussion points, Lesson plan, Listening and/or speaking activity, Warm-up, Wordsearch, Worksheet or assignment, Writing frame, Writing prompts

Level: E1, E2

Worksheets and tasks around the theme of emergencies. Written for ESOL but also suitable for adult literacy and Functionakl English.

The worksheets and tasks include reading for information, preparing and practising an emergency phone call, speaking and writing about an emergency situation. The material is set in an Irish context so some of the vocabulary is specific e.g. ‘garda’ is a police officer and ‘gardai’ is police.

Working with decimals

Submitted by Charlotte Gustar on Mon, 2011-10-31 17:37

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N2/E3.3, N2/E3.5, N2/L1.6

Context: Hairdressing & Beauty therapy, Motor vehicles & Transport, Retail Hospitality Customer service

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Assessment material, Informative presentation, Lesson plan

A detailed lesson plan accompanied by a PPT and a lesson objective checker sheet. The lesson recaps place value and introduces students to decimals and using money in practical situations.

The PPT is an adaptation two other PPT resources I have used on skillsworkshop: ‘Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100’ by Elaine Baskerville, and ‘Pounds to pence’ by Jennifer Williamson. Two contextualised worksheets (Salon and Garage), written by Carrie Bray, are also linked to the lesson plan.

Drug awareness embedded Functional English

Submitted by Andrew Speers on Sat, 2011-09-03 09:32

Literacy: Functional Skills English, General literacy / English

Free tags: Drug awareness

Context: Health, Social care, Early years, Independent living

Level: E2, E3

Resource type: Discussion points, Lesson plan, Poster, Reading comprehension, Sort or match cards, Worksheet or assignment

Everything you need for embedding literacy / Functional English into a teaching session that looks at drugs.

Learners explore the types types of drugs and also some of the origins of the problem. It covers types of text and some reading and spelling, including segmenting. There is also a ‘DARTs’ type exercise that explores how to treat a person who may become ill, instructions to re-order, and posters to laminate and discuss.

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N2/L1.12, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3

Resource type: Lesson plan

Level: L1, L2

An excellent, detailed lesson plan – focusing on expressing one number as a fraction of another but also touching on other fraction topics.The two hour plan includes a good mix of hands-on practical activities (such as sorting and matching) combined with teacher input, worksheets, discussion, etc.
The five resources used in the plan are all provided (please see the first five items under See also below): a ‘patterned curtain task’, a worksheet, a fraction wall for display on an IWB, and two sets of matching/sorting

ICT: Functional ICT

Context: Construction Carpentry Plumbing, Employment skills & Public services

Level: L1

Resource type: Investigation or project, Lesson plan

Fabulous set of resources used first with OCNW Construction students but also suitable for building services and engineering. Written for L1 Functional Skills students but can easily be simplified/extended to cover Entry 3 and Level 2.
Includes detailed mapping to Functional English, Functional Maths and Functional ICT.
The assignment can be used for any building project, from a simple garden wall to a complete building or extension.

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