Evaluate one number as a fraction of another (a) Understand equivalent fractions (b) Understand simplest form (c) Know how to reduce a fraction to its simplest form, e.g. by recognising equivalent fractions, by using factors to 'cancel' (d) Recognise prime numbers (i.e. numbers that can't be cancelled) (e) Understand that quantities must be in the same units to evaluate one as a fraction of another

Fatal Affraction

Submitted by Marc Stewart on Sun, 2018-01-07 18:21

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, GCSE N10, N2/L1.3, N2/L2.2, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3

ICT: Using ICT

Free tags: Stretch & Challenge

Resource type: Interactive worksheet, Teaching idea, Warm-up, Worksheet or assignment

Level: L1, L2, GCSE L1-5

This is a set of worksheets in a MS Excel workbook that deals with fractions. – Sheet one: a set of pictures (pie charts) that shows fractions from halves to tenths – Sheet two: equivalent fractions with two pie charts, learners can input fractions and see if they are equivalent by looking at the shape of the pie charts – Sheet three: starting to look at fractions being equivalent to decimals with two pie charts one for fractions and one for decimals – Sheet four: a ‘playground’ for learners to input various fracti

Fractions - real world examples

Submitted by Mike Hackman on Fri, 2017-12-08 13:30

Numeracy: N2/E2.2, N2/E3.1, N2/E3.6, Functional Maths - number, N2/L1.2, N2/L2.3

Context: Business & Money management, Retail Hospitality Customer service

Level: E2, E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Revision material, Warm-up, Worksheet or assignment

My class of adult learners were struggling to associate fractions with real world scenarios so I created this worksheet based on honest situations.
The questions are diverse in difficulty from Entry level 2 to Level 2 making it a good worksheet as a starter or revision.
Editor’s note
With curriculum mapping and answers

Smarties fractions

Submitted by Janet Sutton on Fri, 2011-08-26 20:08

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N2/L2.3, N2/L2.4

Free tags: Smarties & Love Hearts

Level: L2

Resource type: Hands-on / practical activity, Worksheet or assignment

Another great worksheet in the never-ending Smarties series. Three level 2 tasks covering evaluating one number as a fraction of another, and adding and subtracting fractions. You will need at least one tube of Smarties.

Numeracy: Functional Maths - number, N2/L1.12, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3

Resource type: Lesson plan

Level: L1, L2

An excellent, detailed lesson plan – focusing on expressing one number as a fraction of another but also touching on other fraction topics.The two hour plan includes a good mix of hands-on practical activities (such as sorting and matching) combined with teacher input, worksheets, discussion, etc.
The five resources used in the plan are all provided (please see the first five items under See also below): a ‘patterned curtain task’, a worksheet, a fraction wall for display on an IWB, and two sets of matching/sorting

Time fraction cards

Submitted by Angela Qarini on Tue, 2011-06-28 18:10

Numeracy: N2/L1.12, N2/L2.3

Resource type: Sort or match cards

Level: L1, L2

Challenging cards relating time to fractions and providing practice in expressing one number as a fraction of another. E.g. 12 minutes is 1/5 hour.
To be laminated, cut up and and sorted under “true” or “false”. Can be differentiated for Level 1 and Level 2.
Forms part of a set of 5 resources linked to an excellent L1-2 lesson plan (that focuses on expressing one number as a fraction of another).

Evaluating one number as a fraction of another

Submitted by Angela Qarini on Mon, 2011-06-27 20:34

Numeracy: N2/L2.3

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: L2

Evaluating one number as a fraction of anotherEvaluating one number as a fraction of anotherLevel 2 worksheet with a mixture of number and “word” type problems. Also provides excellent practice with simplifying fractions.
Forms part of a set of 5 resources linked to an excellent L1-2 lesson plan (that also focuses on expressing one number as a fraction of another). Can also be used independently.

Numeracy: N2/L1.8, N2/L1.9, N1/E2.6, N2/L1.1, N2/L1.10, N1/E3.7, N2/E3.3, N2/L1.2, N2/L2.7, N1/L1.8, N2/L1.3, N2/L2.8, N2/L2.2, N2/L1.5, N2/L1.6, N2/L1.7, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3, N2/L2.6, N2/L2.9, N2/L2.4

Resource type: Interactive worksheet, Resource generator

Level: E3, L1, L2

This spreadsheet is designed to enable students to check their own work; but also to learn about what happens when you add two decimals, or multiply two fractions, and so on.

The spreadsheet consists of the following sheets:

  • “Mult-div by 10-100-1000” allows a student to input a number and explore the effect when multiplied or divided by 10, 100 or 1000.

L1 Handling numbers revision

Submitted by Valerie Adams on Tue, 2010-06-29 22:12

Numeracy: N2/L1.2, N1/L1.1, N1/L1.6, N1/L2.2, N2/L1.12, N2/L2.3

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Level: L1, L2

A useful set of revision questions covering place value, fractions, percentages, number patterns and more (also L2 prime nos, factors).

Level 2 car maths

Submitted by Gordon Noblett on Sat, 2008-01-26 16:53

Numeracy: N1/L2.3, N2/L2.7, N2/L2.8, N1/L2.4, N2/L2.10, N2/L2.3, N2/L2.6, N2/L2.9, MSS1/L2.6

Context: Motor vehicles & Transport

Level: L2

Resource type: Worksheet or assignment

Excellent practice with many Level 2 elements including fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, converting measures, and using formulae.

Fraction skills for working life

Submitted by Paul Hodson on Fri, 2007-07-20 17:18

Numeracy: N2/L1.1, N2/L1.2, N2/L2.1, N2/L2.3, N2/L2.4

Context: Catering Food Nutrition, Employment skills & Public services

Level: L1, L2

Resource type: Interactive presentation, Lesson plan

A set of very useful resources: detailed differentiated lesson plan (L1-2) lesson plan and two PPTs (one teacher version with answers, one student version) covering many aspects of L1-2 fractions. Generic examples and practice followed by practical applications and problems for students to work on in pairs or small groups. Examples include food/catering (a Greek party, sandwiches, etc.), production lines and time sheets.

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