Make requests using appropriate terms (a) understand that the manner in which requests are made can vary depending on how well the speaker knows the listener (b) know and use some politeness conventions for making successful requests

January bingo

Submitted by Phoebe McLeod on Thu, 2013-11-28 09:48

Literacy: SLc/E1.2, SLc/E1.3, SLc/E2.2

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E2.2a, ESOL Sc/E2.2c, ESOL Sc/E2.2d, ESOL Sc/E2.3a, ESOL Sc/E2.3b

Free tags: New Year, Christmas

Resource type: Bingo, lotto or Pelmanism, Ice breaker, Warm-up

Level: E1, E2

Mingle activity to use straight after the Christmas holidays to review past simple.
Learners ask each other questions to try to find one name of another learner to fill in each square. First to finish shouts “bingo!”
Review as a group and check questions using past simple.
Give a prize to the winner.

Famous names and addresses game

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Wed, 2003-12-10 16:25

Literacy: Ww/E1.1, Functional English - speaking, listening & communication, SLc/E1.1, SLc/E1.2, SLc/E1.3, SLc/E1.4, SLd/E1.1, SLlr/E1.2, SLlr/E1.4

ESOL: ESOL Lr/E1.2b, ESOL Lr/E1.4b, ESOL Sc/E1.1a, ESOL Sc/E1.1b, ESOL Sc/E1.2a, ESOL Sc/E1.3a, ESOL Sc/E1.3d, ESOL Sc/E1.4a, ESOL Sc/E1.4b, ESOL Sd/E1.1a, ESOL Ww/E1.1a

Level: E1

Resource type: Discussion points, Game, Listening and/or speaking activity

Editor’s note: this latest update replaces Gordon Brown with David Cameron. Thanks to Stephanie McGill for updating the file. The links to the old DfES Skills for Life resources (now on the Excellence Gateway) within the resource have also been updated.

One of our most popular speaking and listening resources. Paired role play games where students can be the Queen, the Prime Minister or the US President!

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