Recognise and understand relevant specialist key words (a) Understand that some words are more important than others in particular contexts (b) Know what key specialist words are relevant, e.g. at work, specific to a job, or related to health (c) Understand that knowledge of word origins, shared roots, and word structure (e.g. prefixes, suffixes) can help with reading some key specialist words

Root word family cards

Submitted by Gemma Holtam on Tue, 2012-03-06 11:12

Literacy: Ww/E2.2, Ww/E3.2, Rw/E2.2, Rw/E3.1, Rw/L1.3, Ww/L1.1, Prefixes, suffixes & plurals

ESOL: ESOL Rw/E2.3a, ESOL Rw/E3.1a, ESOL Rw/E3.5a, ESOL Rw/L1.1a, ESOL Rw/L1.3a, ESOL Ww/E2.1b, ESOL Ww/E3.1a, ESOL Ww/L1.1a

Level: E2, E3, L1

Resource type: Flash cards, Sort or match cards

Root word family cards are two sets of flash cards that can be used to visualise the concept of root words to entry level and L1 students.

The entry level cards contain a number of root words and their word families, with a picture representation of each word. The level one sheet contains a higher level of vocabulary and the pictures have been removed.

Lesson Ideas

  • The cards could be given to the students to group into word families.

Embedded literacy for Social Care anatomy

Submitted by Linda Haslam on Sun, 2011-09-04 17:40

Literacy: Ww/E2.1, Ww/E3.1, Rw/E3.1, Rw/L1.2, Rw/L2.1, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

Context: Health, Social care, Early years

Level: E2, E3, L1, L2

Resource type: Sort or match cards, Worksheet or assignment

Beautiful set of resources for embedding spelling and vocabulary. Written for NVQ social care students but could also be useful in other vocational areas such as sport. A range of spelling and vocabulary activities on the topic of organs of the body.
Word and picture matching cards
Student reference sheet
Function matching cards
Look Say Cover Write Check spelling sheets (one for E2-E3, one for L1-2)
Fill in sheets

Construction word puzzles

Submitted by Ginny Anderson on Tue, 2009-08-18 17:25

Literacy: Ww/E3.1, Rw/E3.1, Rw/L1.2, Ww/L1.1

Context: Construction Carpentry Plumbing

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Crossword, Wordsearch

These make excellent fill-ins or introductions to key vocabulary. 1 wordsearch, 1 crossword.

Bricklaying wordsearch for key vocabulary

Submitted by Gill Gallagher on Sun, 2007-10-21 17:18

Literacy: Rw/E3.1, Rw/L1.2

Context: Construction Carpentry Plumbing

Level: E3, L1

Resource type: Wordsearch

Find 15 hidden words.


Submitted by Gill Gallagher on Mon, 2007-08-06 17:18

Literacy: Ww/E2.1, Ww/E3.1, Homophones, homographs & confusables, Rw/E2.2, Rw/E3.1, Rw/E3.5

Resource type: Handout or guide, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E2, E3

Homographs has a clear handout about ‘bat’ and a practice sheet on ‘bow’ and ‘scales’.

Literacy: Ww/E3.1, Ww/E3.2, Rw/E3.1, Rw/E3.3, Rw/E3.4, Rw/E3.5, Rw/L1.1, Rw/L1.2, Rw/L1.3, Rw/L2.1, Rw/L2.2, SLc/E3.1, SLc/E3.3, SLc/L1.1, SLc/L1.3, SLc/L1.4, SLc/L2.1, SLc/L2.3, SLc/L2.4, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

Resource type: Flash cards, Scheme of work, Teaching idea, Worksheet or assignment

Level: E3, L1, L2

Lots of ideas here for themed Word Level starters. Give your lessons a longitudinal structure and improve students’ dictionary, speaking, spelling and vocabulary skills in small steps across the academic year. Originally used in a series of 30 lessons in a mixed ability classes (E3-L2). With suggestions for further resources and shared texts, related words, revision, spelling tips, speaking activities and more.

7 Words of the week

Submitted by Maggie Harnew on Mon, 2006-09-11 17:11

Literacy: Ww/E3.1, Ww/E3.2, Rw/E3.1, Rw/E3.3, Rw/E3.4, Rw/E3.5, Rw/L1.1, Rw/L1.2, Rw/L1.3, Rw/L2.1, Rw/L2.2, Ww/L1.1, Ww/L2.1

Resource type: Interactive presentation

Level: E3, L1, L2

Your students will never look at these words – swim, wonderful, capital, answer, question, postcard and stamp – in the same way again! Used as starter or plenary activity in an Entry 3- Level 2 literacy class.

Each screen has a type-in box and animations and is ideal for use with a data projector and a cordless keyboard. Each screen focuses on different aspects of the ‘word of the week’ – it could be word classes, suffixes, origins, spelling tips, etc.

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