I used this in L2 only and mixed L1-2 classes. I gave the learners the poster to read, along with the learner starter activity sheet to write in their answers. Once everyone had filled in as much as they could (some learners had support workers so answers were discussed as they were written down), the whole class discussed the answers and I shared the answers on a screen. 

Level 1
Level 2
FE L1.12 Recognise that language & other textual features can be varied to suit different audiences & purposes
FE L1.14 Understand organisational / structural features use to locate relevant information
FE L1.16 Recognise vocabulary typically associated with specific types and purposes of texts (e.g. formal, informal, instructional, descriptive, explanatory and persuasive)
FE L2.14 Understand how textual features/devices can shape meaning for different audiences/purposes
FE L2.16 Understand organisational features & use to locate relevant information in a range of sources
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