A set of tasks to practise reading and writing skills. Read about a student and his work and college life.

  • Practise using conjunctions.
  • Learn synonyms
  • Practise using punctuation correctly.
  • Write about your own experience of studying and working

Editor's notes

So practical and down to earth! Find out about Joseph's day to day college life and his busy job with Deliveroo. Also very useful for E2-E3 Functional Skills English students.

Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
General literacy / English
FE E2.13 Use basic punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question, exclamation marks)
FE E3.13 Use a range of punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas)
FE E2.8 Understand the main points in texts
FE E3.9 Identify, understand & extract main points & ideas in/from texts
FE E2.19 Write in compound sentences, using common conjunctions to connect clauses
ESOL Rt/E2.1a Use a range of strategies to trace & understand main events
ESOL Rw/E2.2a Recognise a range of familiar words
ESOL Rt/E3.1a Understand how meaning is built up in a variety texts of more than one paragraph
ESOL Ws/E2.1a Construct simple and compound sentences
ESOL Ws/E2.3a Use correct punctuation, e.g. capital letters, full stops, question marks
ESOL Ws/E2.1a Construct simple and compound sentences
ESOL Ws/E3.3a Use punctuation to aid clarity in relation to beginnings and ends of sentences
ESOL Ws/E3.2a Use basic sentence grammar accurately
Education and teaching
Employment skills & Public services
Independent living