Royal Mail

17/1/22 Minor update - page number signposting at top of pages 5&6 corrected.
 highly functional, carefully graduated set of questions based on current (Dec 2021) Royal Mail information  about parcel and letter sizes, and first and second class mail prices. Written just before Christmas but can be used all year round. Main topics are: extracting information from tables, converting metric measures, formulae expressed as words, and working with money and decimals.

Author's note

Entry Level 3
Level 1
FM Simple one step problem(s)
FM Straightforward problem(s) with more than 1 step
FM Contextualised underpinning
FM E3.1 Count, read, write, order & compare numbers up to 1000
FM L1.5 Use simple formulae expressed in words for one or two-step operations
FM L1.11 Add, subtract, multiply & divide decimals up to 2 decimal places
FM E3.10 Calculate with money using decimal notation & express money correctly in writing in pounds and pence
FM E3.15 Compare metric measures of length including millimetres, centimetres, metres & kilometres
FM E3.16 Compare measures of weight including grams & kilograms
FM L1.20 Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, money and time, in the same system
FM E3.21 Extract information from lists, tables, diagrams, charts; create frequency tables
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