This is a Level 2 based Currency Conversion set of 4 questions with resource sheets and answers.  All exchange rates resources were obtained from web sites such as The Post Office and the Bank of England. 

Editor's note

Also provides useful practice in multiply, dividing with decimals (up to 4 decimal places); sensible rounding of answers; and extracting data from tables.

Level 1
Level 2
FM Straightforward problem(s) with more than 1 step
FM Complex multi-step problem(s)
FM L2.13 Calculate amounts of money, compound interest, percentage increases, decreases & discounts inc. tax & budgeting
FM L2.14 Convert between metric & imperial units of length, weight & capacity using a) a conversion factor & b) a conversion graph
FM L2.10 Add, subtract, multiply & divide decimals up to 3 decimal places
Business & Money management
Leisure, Hobbies, Travel & Tourism