TL - Take part in / Lead discussions

In many workplace situations, there is a need to take part in and/or lead discussions relating to both technical and non-technical topics. For a discussion to be of value participants must listen actively to the contributions of others, make relevant and constructive contributions and ask and respond to questions for clarification and to move the discussion forward. Participants express opinions and support these with relevant and persuasive arguments. They adapt their contribution to the discussion to suit the audience and purpose and may need to intervene to diffuse potential conflict. The person leading the discussion sums up the key points of the discussion. Participants adopt the appropriate tone of voice and pay attention to non-verbal cues throughout discussions.

SLC Discussion prep for FS Level L1/L2. To be used to prepare for the SLC Discussion. Aimed at people involved in or looking to work in the Construction Industry.

Editor's note

Really useful one page handout. Aimed at Functional English students studying/working in construction but much of the guidance is suitable for planning and preparing for any formal discussion.

Level 1
Level 2
T Levels - embedded maths or English
TL - Take part in / Lead discussions
FE L1.6 Follow / understand discussions & make contributions relevant to situation & subject
FE L1.7 Use appropriate phrases / registers & adapt contributions to take account of audience / purpose / medium
FE L1.8 Respect turn-taking rights of others during discussions, using appropriate language for interjection
FE L2.8 Make relevant and constructive contributions to move discussion forward
FE L2.9 Adapt contributions to discussions to suit audience, purpose & medium
FE L2.10 Interject & redirect discussion using appropriate language & register
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