Vending machine

A set of Entry Level tasks - all based on a vending machine. The main focus is money but positional vocabulary is also covered. Skills covered include: recognising letters and numbers for items in a vending machine, identifying coins to pay with, working out change from £1,  checking answers, rounding and estimating, distinguishing between right and left.

Editor's note

A delightfully functional resource. With teaching notes. Fully mapped to the Reformed Functional Skills content.

Entry Level 1
Entry Level 2
Entry Level 3
FM Simple one step problem(s)
FM E1.1 Read, write, order, compare numbers to 20
FM E2.2 Read, write, order & compare numbers up to 200
FM E2.5 Add & subtract 2-digit numbers
FM E1.5 Recognise coins & notes, write them in numbers with the correct symbols (£, p) where these involve numbers up to 20
FM E2.12 Calculate money with pence up to £1 & in whole £s of multiple items, use correct symbols (£ or p)
FM E3.10 Calculate with money using decimal notation & express money correctly in writing in pounds and pence
FM E3.11 Round amounts of money to the nearest £1 or 10p
FM E1.10 Use everyday positional vocabulary to describe position & direction including left, right, in front, behind, under & above
FM E2.21 Use appropriate positional vocabulary to describe position & direction including between, inside, outside, middle, below, on top, forwards & backwards
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