GCSE G14 (use units of measure)

Foundation (grades 1-5)
use standard units of measure and related concepts (length, area, volume/capacity, mass, time, money etc.)

Whilst I designed this resource for Adult Numeracy learners, it has found much use over the years across the maths cohorts I've worked with from pre-GCSE to ESOL, and with GCSE learners.

It is in Excel format - 3 tabs for different activities and the second Excel file is the solution sheet.

The sheets are formatted to print off as A4 landscape to allow learners to have their own copies to work on.

This has always worked well as a starter activity with learners in small groups (or teams) and having a competitive edge.

Entry Level 3
Level 1
Level 2
FM Context free underpinning
FM E3.14 Use & compare measures of length, capacity, weight & temperature using metric or imperial units to the nearest labelled or unlabelled division
FM L1.20 Convert between units of length, weight, capacity, money and time, in the same system
FM L2.14 Convert between metric & imperial units of length, weight & capacity using a) a conversion factor & b) a conversion graph
GCSE G14 (use units of measure)
AN Length weight capacity temperature scales

This revision aid for L1/L2 (mainly L2) Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills maths gives a side-by-side comparison of perimeter, area and volume, the sort of units that would be involved with each and a worked Functional Skills example of each with a PAV mnemonic for remembering which is which. I have also looked through the last few years of Pearson Edexcel FS for the sorts of questions that require each one. 
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Editor's note

Level 2
FM Complex multi-step problem(s)
FM L2.3 Evaluate expressions & make substitutions in given formulae in words & symbols
FM L2.16 Calculate perimeters & areas of 2-D shapes inc. triangles & circles and composite shapes including non-rectangular shapes (formulae given except for triangles & circles)
FM L2.17 Use formulae to find volumes & surface areas of 3-D shapes inc. cylinders (formulae given for 3-D shapes except cylinders)
GCSE G14 (use units of measure)
GCSE G16 (area, volume)
GCSE G17 (circles, perimeter)
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