GCSE G17 (circles, perimeter)

Basic Foundation Content: know the formulae:
circumference of a circle = 2πr=πd
area of a circle = πr2
calculate perimeters of 2D shapes, including circles
areas of circles and composite shapes

Additional Foundation content
surface area and volume of spheres, pyramids, cones and composite solids
Notes: including frustums. Solutions in terms of π may be asked for. See also N8, G18

This revision aid for L1/L2 (mainly L2) Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills maths gives a side-by-side comparison of perimeter, area and volume, the sort of units that would be involved with each and a worked Functional Skills example of each with a PAV mnemonic for remembering which is which. I have also looked through the last few years of Pearson Edexcel FS for the sorts of questions that require each one. 
Note: All images from Pixabay, so do not need crediting.

Editor's note

Level 2
FM Complex multi-step problem(s)
FM L2.3 Evaluate expressions & make substitutions in given formulae in words & symbols
FM L2.16 Calculate perimeters & areas of 2-D shapes inc. triangles & circles and composite shapes including non-rectangular shapes (formulae given except for triangles & circles)
FM L2.17 Use formulae to find volumes & surface areas of 3-D shapes inc. cylinders (formulae given for 3-D shapes except cylinders)
GCSE G14 (use units of measure)
GCSE G16 (area, volume)
GCSE G17 (circles, perimeter)
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