pre-Entry Rw/M8.3 Recognise & read a growing no. of words signs symbolspre-Entry Ww/M8.1 Write with appropriate grip making many controlled letter shapes & using a conventional sequence of letterspre-Entry Rw/M8.1Recognise letters of the alphabet by shape, name, soundpre-Entry Rw/M8.2 Associate sounds with patterns in letters, syllables, words,pre-Entry Rtc/M8.3 When working with texts communicate about persons, characters, events, objectspre-Entry Rw/M7.3 Recognise & select up to ten personal words, signs, symbolspre-Entry Ww/M8.2 Associate sounds with patterns in some letters, syllables. words, rhymes, songspre-Entry N1/M8.5 recognise, use, record & know value of numerals 0-10pre-Entry Generalpre-Entry Rtc/M7.1 Distinguish between print, text, symbols, imagespre-Entry Wt/M8.1 Understand that words/signs/symbols/images convey informationpre-Entry N1/M8.6 Relate numbers to collections of objects reliably to five, & with support to 10pre-Entry N1/M8.3 Count reliably up to 5 items, & with inconsistencies, up to 10 itemspre-Entry Wt/M8.4 Use words, letters, signs, symbols & images in supported writing for simple purposespre-Entry Wt/M7.2 Use words/signs/symbols/images & match their meanings to objects, people, placespre-Entry SLlr/M8.2 Listen to & answer simple questions about personal details/experiences/events & narrativespre-Entry N1/M8.1 Join in rote counting to 10pre-Entry Rw/M7.1 Recognise most letters of the alphabet on any given occasion.pre-Entry Rs/M8.1 Understand that words are grouped together to convey meaning, using rules & structurepE Rtc/M7.3pre-Entry Ws/M8.1 Understand that words are grouped together to convey meaning, using rules & structurepre-Entry Rw/M6.1 Match familiar objects to words, signs, symbols, imagespre-Entry SLc/M8.2 Ask questions using key words, signs, symbols to obtain informationpre-Entry SLc/M8.1 Use key words, signs, symbols when communicating about own experiences, and to recount a narrativepre-Entry N1/M7.3 Identify and use numerals from 1 to 5pre-Entry N1/M6.4 Recognise numerals 1 to 3, & with some inconsistencies 1 to 5pre-Entry N1/M8.7 Add single-digit numbers reliably to five, & with support to 10pre-Entry N1/M8.4 Compare two given numbers of objects in groups of up to five, commnicating which is more/lesspre-Entry N1/M7.4 Relate numbers to collections of objects to three, & with support up to fivepre-Entry Rw/M6.2 Recognise & read up to 5 personal words, signs, symbolspre-Entry Rtc/M8.2 Understand & use conventions of reading: follow left to right, etc.pre-Entry SLlr/M8.1 Listen and respond to familiar people in simple/personal contextspre-Entry SLlr/M7.2 Listen to simple questions on familiar topics & give simple responsespre-Entry SLc/M8.3 Use growing vocabulary to convey meaning to the listener (beyond that of purely personal significance)pre-Entry SLc/M6.1 Use phrases of up to 3 key words/signs to communicate simple ideaspre-Entry SLc/M7.5 Make simple statements about simple and personal matterspre-Entry N1/M8.10 Recognise and apply +, -, =pre-Entry N1/M8.9 Use ordinal numbers, from 'first' to 'fifth'pre-Entry N1/M6.3 Count reliably up to 3 objects & with inconsistencies up to 5e objectspre-Entry MSS1/M8.3 Describe and compare the lengths or heights of two itemspre-Entry N1/M7.6 Subtract single-digit numbers reliably from numbers to 3, & with support from numbers to 5pre-Entry M8.1 Understand that print conveys meaningpre-Entry Rtc/M6.2 Find & name key images, characters, eventspre-Entry Rti/M7.1 Demonstrate an interest in the activity of readingpre-Entry Ww/M7.2 Group letters and leave spaces in between them,pre-Entry Ww/M7.1 Form some letters correctlypre-Entry Wt/M7.1 Understand that words, signs, symbols can represent unfamiliar meaningspre-Entry SLlr/M8.4 Listen to and follow simple and brief narrativespre-Entry SLlr/M8.3 Listen to and answer simple single step instructions / requestspre-Entry SLlr/M6.1 Respond to familiar people demonstrating understanding of simple questionspre-Entry SLc/M7.4 Ask simple questions for explanation/instruction, and about events/experiencespre-Entry SLc/M7.2 Use conjunctions inc. 'and' & 'but' to link ideas & add new detailpre-Entry SLc/M7.1 Communicate ideas, choices, events referring to past, present, futurepE Reading - word focuspE ReadingpE Listen & respondpre-Entry N1/M8.2 Continue rote counting onward within the range 1-10,pre-Entry N1/M7.7 Use ordinal numbers 'first' & 'second'pre-Entry MSS1/M8.6 Recognise & select coins up to £2.00, and notes up to £10.00pre-Entry MSS1/M7.8 Recognise and select coins up to 20p, and notes up to £10.00pre-Entry HD1/M6.2 With support, copy simple patterns that involve numbers/shapes/symbols/signs/colourspre-Entry N1/M8.8 Subtract single-digit numbers reliably from numbers to five , &) with support from numbers to 10