Vocabulary for Entry 3 Reading ESOL

A knowledge organiser / vocabulary crib sheet for Entry 3 Reading, along with two WordWall quizzes for students to test their understanding. Vocabulary is based on the City and Guilds ESOL reading assessments at Entry 3 and covers text types, purpose, layout and images. 

Wordwall quiz 1 - text type and purpose

Wordwall quiz 2 - types of images

Editor's notes

A marvellous resource with wonderful illustrations. Be sure to use the accompanying Wordwall quizzes. Also very useful for E3-L1 Functional English purpose of text type work and for identifying different type of images (logos, charts, symbols, photographs, etc.) . Pape 2 could also be cut up and used as a purpose-of-text matching exercise.

Physical format
2 page PDF
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