TikTok Starter Activity

I used this in L2 only and mixed L1-2 classes. I gave the learners the poster to read, along with the learner starter activity sheet to write in their answers. Once everyone had filled in as much as they could (some learners had support workers so answers were discussed as they were written down), the whole class discussed the answers and I shared the answers on a screen. 

For L1 learners I would expect the purpose of text answers to be short and in verb form, as given. For L2 learners I would expect a phrase answer linking the answer to the topic of the text given e.g. to inform readers about the social media app TikTok and how it is used, with secondary purposes being to explain/ advise the risks of using TikTok / explain some of the features of TikTok / to give tips on how to use TikTok.

Editor's notes

A wonderfully topical resource based on a shareable poster from INEQE poster (see download area or https://tinyurl.com/tiktokposter) that includes information on the security and privacy risks of using TikTok. Questions cover purpose of text, and language and organisational features. Answers included on a separate sheet.

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