The great maths tombola

A set of cards to cut out and ideally put in plastic balls or a jazzy box. Aimed at E2- E3 Functional Skills learners as an ice breaker, introductory lesson or for revision. Students need to work out the question and identify the maths skills they are using to answer it. Best printed onto card.
Questions are aimed to appeal to young adult students – e.g. clubbing, Facebook, food, mobiles, etc.
Questions cover the 4 operations, money, time, shapes and more.
26 cards. Includes Functional Maths mapping chart.

Resource File(s)
Physical format
4 pages


I adapted this resource to engage teenage learners by rolling the cards up and putting them in shot glasses. I used different colour glasses for different levels. (They are available from pound shops). This really got their attention and suddenly they were competing to see who could get the most shots, even though they held maths questions and not vodka!