Problems in the home PPT & dialogue cards

Problems in the home PPT provides group spelling and vocabulary practice along with ideas for speaking practice. Look at the pictures, discuss what the people do (electricians, gas engineers, plumbers, etc.) and the problems they fix. Then type the correct spelling into the box (ideal with a cordless keyboard) before checking the correct spelling with a mouse click. Finish with some skimming and scanning practice using related information from the Yellow Pages.
Originally used with the DfES ESOL E1 Skills for Life materials (Unit 7 – Homes) but can be used alone.…
Please read the notes area on slide 1 of this PPT for teaching ideas, curriculum links, etc.

The accompanying ‘Phoning for help’ dialogue cards are adapted from the Teacher’s notes for ESOL E1 Skills for Life Unit 7 (Homes) materials (but can be used independently).

Physical format
7 screen PPT, 2 page PDF