Practice L2 numeracy test

A 40 question practice paper written to provide challenging extra practice after a group of learners participated in a very difficult L2 numeracy test (the levels of the national test certainly do seem to be erratic at times, and definitely harder than when it was first introduced).

Unlike the national test, the questions in this test are not multiple choice – making it equally suitable for initial assessment, homework or revision. All areas of the curriculum are covered (i.e. number, measures and data handling). An answer sheet is included.

As this assessment is not multiple choice it also provides useful practice for L2 Functional Maths. For Functional Maths allow calculators but insist that students show all their working out (including proof that they have checked their answers) and state their answers clearly.

This test is very challenging, especially if students are not allowed a calculator, and requires a lot of written calculations with large or “difficult” numbers. A similar but easier Level 1 test is also available (see below).

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11 pages inc. answer sheet