Planning an effective CV

A couple of resources for planning a CV.

Firstly, I would check learners understand the term ‘Employability’ and, using the letters in the the word, ask learners to come up with ideas for the personal skills and qualities needed to get a job. For example – E – enthusiastic, energetic, M – motivated, multi-talented …etc. I would then move on to the PPT.

The Power Point is fairly straight forward. Work through this but stop to do the card activity (after slide 5). Laminate and cut up the card activity. Learners must arrange them under the correct heading. Answers are then on slide 6 in the PPT.

Some slides can be used on a smart board too. For example you can add info into slide 7 – but then the ‘answers’ are on slide 7.

Physical format
11 screen PPT & 4 page PDF (24 cards)