Personal Data Dominoes

Three sets of dominoes to use in warm-up and for letter and word recognition activities. The first set, for pre-Entry ESOL and Literacy learners with very low levels of letter and word recognition, matches lower case to capital letter versions, the second set is a set of “doubles”, which can be used alongside the first. The third set, for pre-Entry / Entry 1 ESOL learners, matches a category to an example. Each set has 17 dominoes, so 4 each for a group of 4 learners, plus one to start. Each set also contains 4 blanks for students to insert their own categories eg “Age”, “ID number”, “Home phone”, “Work status”. With sets 1 and 3, once they are complete, they will form a circle.

Editor’s note
Also makes an ideal introduction to form-filling activities.

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