Measuring length and handling data

A fabulous 19 page booklet providing comprehensive coverage of measuring length at Entry 2 (and above). Cleverly links in with all the Entry 2 data handling elements by asking learners to record data in tables and bar charts. Includes using non-standard units, estimating and measuring height, using bar charts and tables and interpreting the results, measuring lines, investigations, frog jumping and paper aeroplane races; plus student progress tracker.

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19 page


I used the first few worksheets from this resource with an E2 numeracy group. The metre sticks worked really well but I made mine at home to save time (it was rather time consuming).
Nice progression from non-standard to standard measurements through discussion of the problems with non-standard units. Embedding of Handling Data a good idea too.
Didn’t manage to use Jumping Frog or Paper Plane activity but both look great. Thank you for the resource, Jennifer.