Maths Multiplication Targets

This is an adaptation of the excellent where learners have to do division and multiplication to complete a ‘target’. The advantage with this file is that it works offline, so you can print table activities, starters or extension activities ready for the class.

The number in the centre is the times table being tested. The numbers on the first layer are multiplied by the number in the centre to get the number in the outer layer. Where there are gaps in the inner layer, you need to see how many times the number on the inside fits into the number on the outside. Where there are gaps in the outer layer, you times the middle number by the inner layer.

Editor's note

There is a huge emphasis on times tables in the new 2018 Functional Maths content (all tables up to 12 x 12 are expected to be known at Entry Level 2).
This resource is ideal for creating customised printed worksheets to check all times tables, a selection, or tables larger than 12 x 12. As a bonus, it forces learners to consider related division facts.  

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