Literacy L1 & L2 Millionaire games (version 1)

A set of 3 related resources

1. Who wants to be an A student? Level 1 Literacy ‘Millionaire’ game, complete with music and (US) sound effects: 15 real Level 1 Literacy questions covering spelling, grammar, locating information, vocabulary and punctuation.

2. Who wants to be an A student? Level 2 Literacy ‘Millionaire’ game – as above but with more challenging questions.

3. Acompanying help file (for both games) which includes instructions, score cards and other props. Literacy Millionaire games teacher’s notes, student answer record sheet (to keep track of how much money you have won!), game cards to laminate (50/50, phone a friend, ask the audience), winner’s certificate and student rules.

Physical format
2 PPTs, 1 PDF